JaVale McGee loves giving back to inner city youth.

He sponsors boys and girl’s basketball programs across the country. The JaVale McGee Children’s Portfolio Fund sponsors the “Do the Right Thing,” all-star basketball program.   Inner city youth travel to competitive tournaments across the country. While traveling teams tour museums, courts, colleges and other culturally enriching landmarks, student-athletes must maintain a high GPA. “My goal is to develop and help 100 teams across the country and give young men what basketball has given me,” – JaVale McGee

In 2011, (JMCPF) the JaVale McGee Children’s Portfolio Fund launched the annual JaVale McGee turkey give away in San Bernardino, California.  The Boys and Girl’s Club of San Bernardino feed over 1000 families and dozens of disabled veterans at Thanksgiving, thanks to McGee’s philanthropy.