JaVale’s family and friends are the most important thing in his life. Most of his friends have been with him since he was a child. He does everything with them; plays video games, bowling, paintball, ping pong.

JaVale loves to travel. He’s been to many locations around the country and seen many parts of the world. In fact, as a child, he traveled with his mother when she played overseas. And his endorsement deal with Peak shoes has taken him to the Phillipines and China. He sees a lot more traveling in his future. His creativity is on display on the basketball court and in his everyday life. He has an inventive personality and loves to be up on all the latest technology. Some might even call him a tech geek. Daily Life – On any given day, JaVale could be ordering from the menu at Chipotle or Benihana. He’s very picky about what he eats and these are two of his favorite restaurants. JaVale loves the outdoors and feels as comfortable on a hike as he does in the ocean. He also boxes and works with a personal trainer. He enjoys working out and stays disciplined about keeping his 7-foot frame in tip-top shape.


On and off the court, JaVale is a big man with a big heart. He always leads by example and enjoys entertaining fans. His passion for the game of basketball is on display every time he steps onto the court.

Whenever he plays, his phenomenal dunks and freakish blocked shots show off his incredible athletic skill. He knows that he’s blessed to have basketball as a way to help bring goodwill to the world. He is an astute businessman and continues to give back to underserved communities and those less fortunate. From the nurses who gasped in the hospital, to the Nugget fans who cheer when he throws down slam dunks, JaVale has always been an astonishing individual. But he’s never been afraid of to be himself and is not overwhelmed by the demands of his busy life. JaVale proudly carries on the McGee basketball dynasty. And if you ask his mother, he’d better.



Production Company

fc8d3f554e6433316b9f346e4d97e845JaVale may have been destined to become a professional athlete, but he has interests that extend far beyond basketball. He’s fascinated by cinematography and over the years has expressed the desire to do more in the area of film making. He aspires to produce movies and television shows. And in his spare time, he enjoys producing and starring in his own short films. He currently owns Pierre Entertainment LLC, a full-service production company, based in Los Angeles. JaVale also has a strong appreciation for music and wants to eventually make beats for hip-hop artists.

3IV Fashion Line

Denver Nuggets Media DayNever one to jump on trends, JaVale has always had a style all his own. He’s collaborating with designers to share his innovative fashion ideas and is hard at work on a hip-hip fashion line called 3IV. He wants to focus on casual wear that’s not only fashionable, but can be worn by anyone.


juglifeAs an athlete, JaVale knows how important it is to stay hydrated. That’s why he’s currently putting the finishing touches on his latest business venture, #JUGLIFE, which is a brand that promotes a healthy and productive lifestyle. The motto is to drink a gallon of water a day. The product line will consist of stylish one-gallon reusable jugs, fashionable beanies and #JUGLIFE foam fingers, strictly made for fans to sport at the game. Products can be purchased at Next to oxygen, water is the most essential element for life. The body cannot survive without water and JaVale wants to encourage people to drink more water and use #JUGLIFE products to improve their quality of life.